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Saida, 8 yrs old, from Maiman Agency, is one of the thousands of undocumented refugees who were forced to leave their homes due to intense fighting between the Taliban and the Pakistan military.  She is now living in a housing compound in Islamabad, Pakistan run by refugee, Bir Baba from Bajour who set up these houses for incoming refugees from Bajour, Swat, Buner, and the tribal agency areas.  There are now 70 - 80 familes living on this compound.  The families prefer to rent out these houses as they provide more privacy for their family, in particular, their women who are often filmed and photographed inside the refugee camps.
Bir Baba, (right) with his son  Tarek(left), a Pakistani refugee who fled his village in Bajaur when he received a threat from the Taliban saying they would kill him if he did not leave.  Bir Baba was the Malek, (tribal chief) of his village and is now the leader of a Pakistani refugee community which he set up on the edge of Islamabad, Pakistan.  There are now 70 -80 undocumented refugee families living in this community.
KellySlater in Israel
Beekeeper's daughter in Bamiyan, Afghanisan
General Khatool Mohamed Zai (she refused to give her age), an Afghan Army paratrooper, sitting in her apartment in the Micrion section of Kabul. Even with nearly 20 years of jumping, she sat in this apartment unemployed during the five years of Taliban rule. Photographed in Kabul, Afghanistan
Naheed Mirza,17, assistant to the Police Commander of the Afghan National Police in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Bebe Gul Gholamri, 40 years old, directs traffic around a construction site in the Karte Se neighborhood of Kabul, Afghanistan. She is one of the four - woman road crew repairing the roads of the Afghan capital. All four women are widows.
Zahra Mohammdi, 19 years-old, set fire to herself eight months ago when her marriage took a turn for a worse and her husband began beating her after only three months of marriage.   In an act to show her husband she would rather suffer immense pain rather than be with him, Zahra set herself aflame while her husband watched.  Eight months later Zahra is now divorced from her husband and back home living with her mother and father in Herat.  Although self immolation continues to be a large problem in the city of Herat, sources say that the situation is getting better.  According to doctors at the Herat hospital and the Independent Human Rights Comission there have been more than 100 cases of self immolation in Herat alone.  This is an improvement from last year's 300 cases.
Young Afghan girl in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.  Her mother, Roshan Gul, is a beekeeper and is the main breadwinner in their family.
Humaira Habib, 22, journalist for radio Sahar in Herat, Afghanistan.